General Liability & Property Packages

Commercial Packages (also known as CPP's, BOP's or Multi-Peril policies) are the first policies placed by startups and generally set the foundation for the program moving forward. Combining liability and property coverage, these policies also often include a wide array of industry specific broadening endorsements which help clients achieve maximum exposure coverage while remaining a cost effective solution. These packages can be further expanded through the addition of select endorsements such as data breach, professional and management liability offerings, and more (some of these endorsements are broad while others more limited in scope). When appropriate, we help our clients analyze and understand the differences and potential impact of each approach. For most (larger) small businesses and mid-sized companies, there will reach a point in the company’s growth phase where carving these exposures out on their own will become more advantageous and provide greater protection and value. While almost all brokers are familiar with the workings of BOPs and packages, we help guide our clients through their growth and provide value by:

  • Navigating the marketplace through knowledge of carriers' rates and underwriting guidelines
  • Performing cost to coverage benefit analysis of endorsements vs stand alone policies
  • Analyze carriers coverage endorsements and assisting in location of markets with enhancements such as professional and management liability offerings
  • Placements of hard to write risks

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