Workers Compensation & Disability

As long as you have employees, workplace Injuries are unavoidable. From crippling manufacturing and warehouse injuries, to minor injuries in professional firms, accidents happen. It is your businesses’ legal obligation to maintain a safe workplace with proper safeguards and maintain sufficient insurance for your employees. In fact the law requires it. When addressing workers comp coverage though, there is more to consider than just the payroll and duties of the employees. Employee risk is changing rapidly with technology. Consider the new employee health risks surrounding 3d printing such as inhalation hazards, ventilation, materiel toxicity, and prolonged exposure. It is important to stay ahead of the curve to provide a safe workplace for your employees and ensure that your premium remains competitive. GB&A can help you understand those risks and trends affecting your industry. In addition, we also assist our clients in achieving competitive premiums through placement strategies including: 

  • Locating safety groups for additional credits
  • Classification analysis
  • Calculating experience mods to help reduce premium.
  • Locating carriers that have "payroll partnered" programs for seamless auditing
  • Locating state program alternatives for hard to place risks

The second part of an employers liability package includes disability insurance which provides coverage to employees for short term injuries sustained off the job. While this insurance is also required by law, it is low cost policy and basic in nature.

  • Protection For
    • Employee medical bills and lost wages
    • Onsite work injuries
    • Injuries sustained while traveling for work
    • Injuries to interns & volunteers
    • Occupational sickness
    • Employment caused disease due to exposure
    • Lost wages for short term "off the job" injuries (disability)
    • Maternity leave (disability)
  • Endorsements & Features
    • Broad form all states endorsement
    • Foreign workers compensation
    • Coverage for volunteers & interns
    • Industry specialized endorsements (such as "pin prick" coverage for physicians
    • Extended disability benefits
    • Disability hospital riders

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